The most User friendly , Easy to use , Free takeoff software . Designed by a Civil Engineer / Estimator

Key Features of Our Software

Concrete & Rebar

Concrete cubic yard

Just select concrete check mark for each concrete element, You can see calculated cubic yard values for each element's in takeoff tab.

Dimension picking Picking up the dimension from screen

Drafting & Markups:

  • Text entry,
  • Scaled Line drafting,
  • Scaled Leader Arrows,
  • Free hand drafting,
  • Shape drafting Circle, Square, Rectangular, Diamond
  • Picture insert

Formula Creating: Elementary school level formula creating.

Spreadsheets:Import values to spread sheet automatically. Use our spread sheets or export to excel.

Bid Calendar & Notifications:

Note Pad , To Do List , Time:

Concrete & Rebar Pick the direction and spacing for the rebar , enter the spacing and let Haqq Takeoff calculate the weight for you

  • With couple mouse clicks select the range and length of rebar.
  • Automatic standard hook and lap splice entry
  • Ability to select all ACI rebar shapes

Multi Trade if you are a GC or multi trade contractor , you can have documents separated for each trade.


Concrete-Rebar Basic

free /Month

Basic (FREE)

Concrete-Rebar Small

$49 /Month +tax


Multi Trade Small

$49 /Month +tax


Multi Trade Medium

$74 /Month +tax


Concrete-Rebar Medium

$99 /Month +tax


Multi Trade Large

$99 /Month +tax


Concrete-Rebar Large

$149 /Month +tax

MB Disk Space 100 2048 2048 4096 4096 10240 10240
Project Creation 1 5 5 25 25 unlimited unlimited
Object Creation 5 unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Bit / Event Calendar
Spread Sheet
Formula Creation
Picture Insert
Ticket Support
Project Share
Draw Tools
Concrete & Rebar
Imperial Units
Imperial & Other Units
Dimension Sensitivity
Pdf,Png, img Upload
Takeoff Tools
Note Pad & Todo List
Blank Page Creation
Help Videos
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